Chat With Light 2.0: Horticulture Lighting

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Organized By: Indian Society of Lighting Engineers, Pune Local Chapter

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for this Webinar there were more than 100 registrations and over 70 people online during the event. It was ended with interactive discussion with questions and answers.

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Eminent Panelist

Company team

Ms. Manju Dileep

Freelance Lighting Designer, Advisory Member of Illuminating Engineers Society (IEC) Horticulture Lighting Standards (Global), Organization 

Company team

Mr. Husain Burhani

Founder - Hazel Lighting, Masters in Lighting Design, Wismar, Germany

Company team

Dr. Amardeep Duggal

Founding Principle of Lighting Research & Design, M.Arch University of Wismar, Germany Ph.D. Victoria University of Wellignton, New Sealand

Company team

Mr. Pradeep Barpande

Founder - ELT India, Associated with Horticulture Lighting since 1987. Vertical Gardens, Vertical Roofs, Green Walls

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Sudhir Patil (Moderator)

Founder and CEO at Leap Info System Pvt. Ltd. Hon. Secretary, ISLE-PLC.

Event Information

About this webinar : The science of illuminating plants artificially, has been known to humans for quite a long time now, however the purpose of illuminating plants has been different based on the application. Artificial light for controlled photosynthesis has been most used in controlled growth of the flowering and vegetative plants to generate higher yield of plant produce. In urban spaces concept of green wall has been widely accepted for wellness and space aesthetic reasons, illuminating these walls has been a challenge as it needs to enhance visual perception and stimulate process of photosynthesis too. Mostly Lamps with higher fluency and high photo-synthetically active radiation have been used for the purpose. With LED the application strategies for artificial lighting is quite different, this requires understanding of the specific wave lengths stimulating the process of photosynthesis, and other factors affecting the growth of the plants.

Through discussions, views of the varied professionals, manufacturers, and academicians, shall unfold the various aspects of horticulture lighting. Understand the effects of artificial light and its attributes on various factors of stimulation of photosynthesis and relative growth of the plants.

About Chat with light Program: As a part of the professional event series, “Chat with light” re-relaunched as online webinar version, for the members to attend the same during this time of social distancing. Chat with light is an informal and interactive open discussion platform, where the subject of the event is discussed over the time of 60 mins. Session begins with a panel discussion and later is thrown open to the members for question answers and most importantly views. For the online version, number of the views from the members other than the panelists shall be restricted.

Organizing Team

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Virendra Borade

Vice-Chairman, ISLE-PLC 

Date & Time

July 19, 2020

10:00 AM 11:00 AM Asia/Kolkata

Indian Society of Lighting Engineers

+91 11 41326950

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